Basic Leadership Seminar (BLS)

We want leaders who like to lead!

The BLS is an in-service program designed to assist in developing the leadership skills of staff in UofN schools. Our goal is to equip you be the leader God calls you to be and to empower you to make your vision a reality.
Leadership is an art – let’s create together!

The vision

An important part of the vision of YWAM Linköping is to train young people to be good leaders. When we have discipleship training schools and other activities, this is something natural that we work with regularly. Now we have known that it is time to do this even in a more formal way. Therefore, we have started the course Basic Leadership Seminar.

How can we help people to be leaders? How can the leader and the team flourish? How do you as a leader
handle difficult situations ? The questions are endless, and we try to answer the most central.

The course is open to anyone who has done a DTS - Discipleship Training School.

Contact us for more information

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