Nations United - Russia 2018!

This summer the Soccer World Cup takes place in Russia and we don’t want to miss the chance to spread the Good News there! It will be a missions trip you won’t forget. We believe that God will do big things this summer!

To go to the World Cup is about reaching the country’s inhabitants, but also the hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the globe. That is also one part of the vision of Nation United: nations coming together, being a blessing to each other.

To Sochi!
We will be in the city Sochi in southern Russia. The city is mostly know for having arranged the Winter Olympics 2014. Sochi is located by the Black Sea and has an amazing climate! From a Swedish perspective Sochi is extra interesting; the Swedish supporters will have their base their, ”Camp Sweden” and Sweden will play Germany here June 23 - Midsummer day in Sweden!

What will we be doing?
It is not all set exactly what we’ll be doing, but it will for sure be evangelism in different ways. Some will probably be related to Soccer, but definitely not all. This trip is both for soccer/football nerds and others! We will try to support and encourage the local churches as much as we can. In Sochi there will also be a festival area called Fan Fest where people gather to see games on big screens, eat, play and so on. We will also be there to meet people with the best news there is: the good news about Jesus.

Boot Camp
The outreach will begin with 3 days of Boot Camp on our missions base in Linköping, in order to prepare for the trip. The days will be filled with teaching, inspiration, prayer, worship, fellowship and practical preparation.

If you want to join as a youth group or team, we can arrange for that.

Let us know about your interest by sending an e-mail to info[at]

Sign up by: March 31.

Contact persons: Anders Carlsson and Martin Nordling.

Dates: 11-30 June 2018
11-13: Boot Camp on the missions base in Linköping.
14: Travel to Russia
14-29: Outreach in Sochi
30: Travel back to Sweden. Wrap up in Linköping.

Cost: Around 10 000 - 15 000 SEK, depending on the flight prices.
The price includes Boot Camp in Linköping, airfares, other transport, food and housing.

Sign up by sending us an email!

+46 707 100400