Apostolic Leadership Trainee Year (ALTY)

Welcome to our 1 year leadership training program! During this time you will learn to live and love as a leader; a servant, apostolic leader. You will get a lot of teaching and inspiration, but also a lot of possibilities to serve and learn by doing. You will not be the same after this year!

Discipleship Training School (DTS)

The DTS is a time for you to deepen your intimacy with God, take radical steps of faith and be further equipped to use your gifts and passions for building God´s kingdom.

Let God take you on a journey that will leave you and this world changed forever!

Biblical Worldview Seminar and Internship (BWSI)

In the BWSI we want to help you to closely examine your worldview – the conscious or unconscious beliefs you hold which form the basis for your life and actions.

Come and be equipped to go out and be salt and light in all spheres of society!