Bible to All Seminar and Outreach

Ending Bible Poverty – starting with ourselves!

Bible to All Seminar and Outreach is a five weeks course. Our aim is to learn how we can study the Bible in a deeper and more thorough way. We want to give you tools you can use after the course and so keep on studying the Book of Life by yourself, too. Another aim is to awaken a passion and get practice in passing on the Bible to others.


The course costs 4000 SEK. The price includes food, housing, teaching and study material.
The outreach is not included in the fee. The cost for the outreach will be around 3000-5000 SEK.


16 April – 18 May 2018

The Word of God

The Bible is the most read book in world history and it has changed lives and nations in an amazing way. Just in our context, Sweden, has it had such an impact in our society. We are thankful for this, but still we need to be renewed in our passion and engagement in God´s word.

The Bible has now been translated into many languages, but there´s still many to go. We want to be a part of the move of God that is now happening all over the globe: bringing the Bible to every home and person, in their heart language.

That is what this program is about: starting with ourselves and then to bring this gift to the peoples of this world.


We will have three weeks of lecture phase when we have teachers coming and guiding us in the Bible. We’ll have lectures and time for personal studies as well as in groups. Our goal is not only to read the Bible but also to apply what we learn. The power of the Bible is in its transformation power in my life right now. It is applicable to us!


After three weeks lectures we’ll have 10 days of outreach when we will travel to northern Norway to be a part of the Bible to All mission there. Bible to All is a movement that is going on in different places around the world that is about bringing a Bible to every home. It is about giving out Bibles, engaging people in the word and teach the word to others.


We believe that it is a blessing to share life together. This course takes place in our YWAM base community where a number of people from different nations and backgrounds live together. You are welcome to our home!


This course is registered with YWAM:s global university and it gives 5 UofN credits. These credits can be included in a degree with the UofN.
There is no prerequisite for this course, it is open to everyone.


Södra Stånggatan 2, 582 73 Linköping, Sweden
+4613141407, +46707100400