Bible to All

Bible to All is part of a global initiative to end Bible poverty. Our vision is for the word of God to once again be the transforming power for individuals and whole societies. Our goal is as simple as brave: to offer a Bible to every home in Sweden. We long to see the Bible established as the foundation of our nation.

We are convinced that the Bible is what we need in order to see our country transformed and that is why we want to make it possible to rediscover the word of God. We feel that God has given us the vision to give the Bible to the people of Sweden once again.

End Bible poverty

We believe that the Bible is a gift God has given to man. Sweden might not be the first country that comes to mind when hearing about ”Bible povetry”. Ending Bible poverty is a lot about giving the word of God to people who still don´t have it translated to their own language, but it is also about giving the word to everyone - no matter the country. There are many people living in ”christian” countries, Sweden for example, who never have opened a Bible - and that is something we want to change!

Be part: There is a place for you!

The Bible to All project is a platform which welcomes all christians in Sweden to come together in unity to work for a common goal: to offer a Bible to every home. International outreach teams are also welcome!

How does it work?

During the distribution everyone that is a part will be divided into pairs that will be handed addresses and maps together with instructions about where and how to distribute. Then the pairs will leave and knock on doors, offering a free Bible to every home. In addition to a Bible, we will offer some extra material. If someone is not home we leave a note with information about how to attain a Bible. Our idea is that the offer should be given in a personal way. It is a gift that you can choose to receive or not.


The first distribution took place in the municipality of Vilhelmina in Maj 2019. It was amazing to see the response of the people!
Here are some numbers:
Visited homes: 3401
Given Bibles: 1205
65% of the people who were home said ”yes” to the Bible!

Next: Arjeplog

We will continue in the north and the municipality next in line is Arjeplog.
Area: 14 494 km² (bigger than Montenegro!)
Inhabitants: 2821
Date: October 2020
Welcome to be part!

Interested? Contact us!

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