Biblical Wordview Seminar and Internship (BWSI)

Do you want to see a different world?

In the BWSI we want to help you to closely examine your worldview – the conscious or unconscious beliefs you hold which form the basis for your life and actions. Come and be equipped to go out and be salt and light in all spheres of society!

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12500 SEK. The price includes food, housing, teaching and study material. Costs for trips that will be made are not included.

First of all, what is a Biblical worldview?

To have a Biblical worldview is to be based in the Bible in our thoughts, values and action.
That is what this seminar and internship is about; to be rooted in the Bible and let that be reflected in your life.
The goal of the Biblical Worldview Seminar and Internship is to learn how to think Biblically and through this way of thinking produce real change in a society.

One of the most important fields in our time are the ideas. Ideas determine what is being said and done, in the family life as well as business and entertainment. As Christians, we need to do everything we can to put the Biblical ideas as the foundation of our societies. Our belief and experience is that where the Biblical principals and views are lived out, there is transformation and blessing. That is of course easier said than done: what does that actually look like? That is what we will be wrestling with during this course. Summarized, this program is about:
1) What is a Biblical worldview?
2) How can we apply that in different contexts?

The course has two major parts: the seminar and the internship. The length of the two parts are approximately five respectively three weeks. They come together in a package and cannot be separated. During the whole program you will have a coach that supports you and gives you feedback and input.

The seminar part

During this phase the emphasis is on classroom teaching, group discussion, book reading and paper writing. This will be an intense time when we really dig into the scriptures as well as other books. The teachers are well experienced in their field and will bring in all of their experience and knowledge to share it.
Examples of topics:
- Biblical worldview
- Other worldviews
- Philosophy and the history of thought
- The Bible and apologetics
- The spheres of influence in society

The Internship part

This is to focus on how a Biblical worldview can bring transformation and change in the different areas of society. This can be related to the local context of Linköping or another place in Sweden or another nation. The latter case may imply a trip to the actual location.

As a part of the course there is a field trip to Albania for investigation, research and evangelism.


I really liked the course! I learnt more about what it means to be salt and light in this world and in all the spheres of society. I also discovered how much we christians have to give to this world and how important it is to live out the good principles from the Bible.

Helena Virtanen

University of the Nations (UofN)

The seminar gives you 6 UofN credits and the internship 3 credits, totally 9 credits for the whole program.
There is no prerequisite for this course, it is open to everyone.


The program has the following goals for the participants:
- attain a foundational understanding for what a Biblical worldview is.
- have a good insight in other worldviews.
- begin to apply a Biblical worldview in your own life as well as in society.


We believe that it is a blessing to share life together. This course takes place in our YWAM base community where a number of people from different nations and backgrounds live together. You are welcome to our home!

Course leader: Anders Carlsson