Family Carlsson

Anders is the kind of leader who with his determination, hard work and love for the new can bring any vision to reality. And if the idea don’t appear impossible, or at least scare you a little bit, then it is simply not big enough! He is loving, open hearted and always ready to make time for others, no matter how many things he has on his plate. He is radical in his beliefs, lives what he teaches and models a life with high standards. Even though leading the base his first priorities is always God and his family and he sets an example for many other fathers and future fathers to follow. You can say many things about Anders, but something you cannot forget to mention is his huge passion for sports and strong desire to win. A piece of advice for all of you out there is to always make sure to have Anders on your team!

Sara is a beautiful woman of God with many passions, visions and dreams. Her commitment to God and His ways is without compromises and the fear of God in which she lives her life sets an standard and a challenge to everyone around her. Being a prophet and a fighter, she also has the special ability to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance around her as she has a hospitable, warm and caring heart from which you know that you always can get some great advice. She has a special passion to declare God's truths over nations and think about creative solutions to world problems in the same time as she really enjoys being in the forest, making fires and shopping old things at flea markets. She is simply awesome and if you ever get the opportunity to meet her - don´t miss it!

Benjamin is a talented football player with the big vision to one day start his own technology company with the name BenTech. He is active, determined, social and funny and is a great brother and friend to many.

It is hard to find anyone more endurant than Felicia. Hiking a Norwegian mountain, handing out Bibles for days or learning the most complicated dance you can ever imagine - nothing is too hard for her! She is a quick learner, yet humble and always ready to serve.

With Elli there is no boring moment, she is full of life and creativity and will always make sure that everyone is feeling included and are having a good time. Crafts and games are her passions and she also has a heart full of care for both animals and children. If you want a good laugh, then ask her to imitate the staff on base!

Josef is the sweetest boy you can think of. Being stronger than both Bamse, Spider-Man and his dad, he has promised to protect all girls from dangers like lions, sharks and thieves. Even though being young he has beautiful revelations about God and what it means to be his son. He loves deeply and is generous with hugs, jokes and wrestling matches.