God has called us to influence with His principles in our society. We want to do anything we can for our society to be more based in the Bible, we believe that’s a blessing for everyone.

How we do this varies. Often it starts with prayer. As we seek God He gives us the road forward. To mobilize and engaging people is often an ingredient.

Here are some examples of what we do:
- Hope for Sweden. Together with other Christian Leaders in Sweden our Base Leaders Anders and Sara Carlsson have written a manifest that bring up 10 frontlines - areas where we need to see reformation in our nation. We would be more than happy to come to your youth group and/or church and share about this.
- Prayer in the City Hall. This is an initiative to bless the leaders in our city and to understand Gods plans for the city.
- #teachersprayer. Here we gather all of those working within the area of education to talk and pray about everything that has to do with schools.
- Missions work podcast (in Swedish: ”Missionsverket”). With this podcast we want to encourage and inspire youths in their faith and help them discover their calling. God has created us with a purpose! We are His workmanship and He has an important mission for all of us! You find it at Spotify, iTunes and Podbean.
From the same idea we arrange World Changers Evenings in youth groups and universities.
- Seminars and workshops. Every once in a while we arrange seminars and workshops on important topics.
- Articles in newspapers etc. Sometimes we write articles in order to take part in the debate in a constructive way.
- YWAM Think tank. The international think tank meet once a year in Geneva during the Geneva Peace Week that the UN is arranging. As YWAM we have a representative in the UN and we´re working together with her.

We want to see Transformation in Sweden! And the World!

Let us know if you want to be a part of this important work!

Södra Stånggatan 2, 582 73 Linköping, Sweden
+4613141407, +46707100400